Mick Ryde

Mick Ryde Sensei (5th Dan) 1942 - 2022

Mick began training in karate in 1975 at the age of thirty-three. He took over the running of Ripley Karate Club in 1980, while holding the rank of 6th kyu (green belt). Over the years, Mick built a highly successful and popular club, with hundreds of students training under his instruction. Mick’s philosophy was to apply all the traditions, the rigour and the spirit of Wado, while at the same time ensuring a friendly and informal atmosphere in which everyone was encouraged to reach the highest standards. In competition, the club produced many champions at regional, national and European level. This is testament to the very high level of technical knowledge and skill that Mick acquired and was able to pass on to his students. He achieved the rank of 5th Dan (JKF Wado-kai) in 2003.

Mick was the general secretary of the Wado Aiwakai Karatedo Federation for about fifteen years and later took on the role of licensing officer. He was also involved in the organisation of England Wadokai from its inception. As a highly-regarded and well-qualified kumite referee and kata judge, Mick travelled to many European countries. However, judging at the World Championships in Japan was perhaps the highest honour he received as an official.

We at Ripley Aiwakai Karate Club will continue to train in the spirit and style that Mick intended. We are grateful for all he has done for us and he will never be forgotten.